14 August 2011

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter!!!!!

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a simple way to extract audio from YouTube videos and convert it to MP3 format on your PC. These days we've seen plenty of tools to save YouTube videos to your hard drive but what if you only want to save the soundtrack? You can do so very easily with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. As the name suggests, this program takes YouTube videos and saves them to your hard drive in MP3 format. You can copy and paste links into the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter interface and queue them up for extraction in a few simple clicks.
The extraction process with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is not the fastest unfortunately, but it does the job well enough if you're patient. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter offers a variety of different presets with which to convert your video, some of which are very high conversion qualities. These would be ideal for users who need to use the clip you've extracted with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for editing of the highest quality. You can also add tags to your extractions to make them easier to find when you search for them on your desktop.
With its cut and paste format, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is simple to use for users of any ability level. A directory path is also listed beneath the conversion queue to make finding the files you've converted quite easy. Just open the folder where the converted files have been stored, double click on them and listen to them in any standard audio player.
This YouTube mp3 converter downloads mp3 from:
- a single YouTube video;
- complete YouTube playlists and show lists;
- all video from YouTube charts;
- all video responses to a YouTube video;
- all videos of a selected YouTube user or a channel;
- all video from the user favorites.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a useful application for those who need high quality MP3 extractions from YouTube clips.
  • Saves sound directly to MP3
  • Works both with online & offline videos
  • Easy cut and paste interface
               Tested virus free - Safe software

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