03 November 2011

Freebie : Free Coke with purchase of any Burger from McDonals [Only for Delhi NCR]

Everyone know about McDonalds. Its a very famous place for youngsters in India where they eat at very cheap rates and very tasty food. I don't think i need to tell whats McD in Details.

So let's directly come to the offer and let us tell you what's the offer.

McDonalds just turned 15 years old on 2nd November. So they are celebrating their birthday  by giving out free coke with complimentary purchase of any Burger Only in DELHI NCR.

How to get the offer:
You just have to present a cut out of the McDonald's printed ad in Times Of India's Edition of 2nd November.
Take out the print out of the below attached poster with you at McD and get a small coke free from them with your purchase of any Burger.

This offer is valid only from 2nd November till 8th November.

So for what are you waiting guys.
Enjoy this free deal (say free giveaway) from McD.

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