13 June 2011

Kiss Your Car Contest

CarWale has crossed 3 crore visitors and to celebrate this occasion they are running "Kiss your car contest" where you need to show your love for your car. Can you dare to kiss it? 
How to Participate: Post a picture of yourself kissing your car on our page accompanied with a suitable headline and win fabulous prizes. 
How to play: 
  1. Click a picture of you kissing your car. 
  2. Go the the CarWale 'Wall' and select "Photo" on the Share tab. 
  3. Pick the photograph from your system/ mobile and upload with a suitable headline. You are done.
  1. The first 50 kissable entries get CarWale Umbrellas 
  2. The next 50 get a pair of Car Seat Belt Covers. 
  3. Every day during the 30 day contest CarWale will announce 1 winner who posts the 'Best Picture of the Day'. He stands to win a free Car wash and polish. 
Grand Prize: GardX VPS Car Protection At the end of the month long contest Team CarWale would publish the best 10 entries for voting. The best three pictures of the contest with the maximum votes get to win the grand prize. 

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