28 July 2011

Free Coffee and a Cookie at Cafe Coffee Day!!!

To reward consumers, ClassMate is running Man of the Match campaign where you will be rewarded everytime you purchase Classmate Stationeries.Customer will be given runs for buying classmate products,more the runs you make the greater are your rewards. Here’s how the website will calculate the runs scored by you based on the table below for each product purchased.

Notebooks 20%
Pens 30%
Pencils 30%
Geometry Books 30%
Others 40%
For instance, if you buy notebooks worth Rs.500/-,the purchase amount will be multiplied by the value assigned to notebooks, which is 20%. And this means, you’ve scored 100 runs (500 × 20%=100 Runs).Score 10 runs when you spread the word about Classmate Man of the Match on facebook/classmate.
How to Get free Cappuccino and cookie at Cafe Coffee Day near you:
Visit the classmate Offer website and register yourself or just use your Facebook connect option for quick registration. Once logged in visit the “SCORE BOARD” tab and select the “score runs now” button Now on the score board page , add /update your score by entering the product details and the retailers details
Once you score century( 100 points) you will get will get your free cappuccino coupon code and a cookie code on your mobile which you can redeem at any CCD outlet near you.

TRICK: It looks like Classmate is not having any proper mechanism to verify the fake entries and that’s why anyone could get free Coffee and a cookie coupon code via SMS without even purchasing Classmate stationaries. So if you don’t want to buy stationary and still want to enjoy free coffee with cookie, Just update your score by entering some fake details (see picture below). Soon you will get a SMS on your mobile with coupon details. Show these coupon to any CCD outlet and enjoy your free coffee with cookie For anyone intreseted 

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