18 August 2011

Design a Mascot for snapdeal and win Rs.50,000!!!!!

How to participate:-
design a Mascot and send entries to mascot@snapdeal.com
Last date:- August 23, 2011

Eligibility Criteria for participation

  • Should be a college student
  • College name and contact details of the participant. In the event that the participant is a group, the name (college name), address, telephone number, and E-mail address of each of its members shall be clearly listed.
  • Criteria essential for a successful mascot:
  • It must be urban, appeal to the youth, and gain acceptance of the people of different cultural backgrounds, genders, or ages
  • Must not reflect any specific culture
  • Reflect the concepts of Snapdeal.com
  • Must be refreshingly new
  • The creative rationale is consistent and convincing, and rich in plot and personal.
  • Possess flexibility and is commercially viable. Work in all sizes, on all materials, and in various areas, from pins to life-sized cartoon characters, from metal to soft plush toys, from licensed products(such as T-shirts, backpacks, cups, and stationery) to 2-D or 3-D animations (such as Television, internet, CD, cell phones, and etc.) 

Terms & Conditions
  • Each participant may submit only one design proposal. Any participant submitting more than one design proposal shall be deemed to have automatically waived his/her qualification to participate and all the design proposals submitted thereby will not be evaluated, being deemed unqualified.
  • The participant shall give a name to every proposed mascot.
  • The participant shall explain the creative rationale and the concept for the design.
  • The participant shall present a story about the proposed mascot (the plot of the story may be invented) to explain and introduce experiences, characteristics
The winner will be rewarded of Cash Prize of Rs 50,000


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