07 August 2011

Rs 50 for a voucher worth Rs 500 on www.tansmith.com!!!

The Deal

Tansmith, a designer shoe brand was launched in US in the year 2000 with a vision to provide an upscale fashionable, subtle shoe brand, which is truly authentic & yet affordable to young and trendy customers. Today the Tansmith line of high fashion, modern shoes are successfully selling in over 3000 stores nationwide (U.S) and in 6 countries across the globe.

Tansmith gets the first pulse of the fashion, of what's hot and what’s hype and brings you right at your doorstep an International Iconic brand, which is a true symbol of urban lifestyle.

With Today’s deal, satiate your eternal urge for luxury and Indulge in Stylish and Comfortable Footwear.So, Put your best foot forward and fulfill your desire by purchasing the 100% genuine leather products and automatically become a proud member of elite Tansmith club.

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