05 August 2011

Win free clothes and accessories from DailyShop.com everyday!!!

DailyShop is an apparel shop launched in June, 2011. In order to increase  new shop popularity and visibility, they are offering freebie clothes and accessories to users around the world. 

 What is Daily Free? 
Daily Free is a feature section on our site and we will offer dozens of products and deliver them without any shipping cost every day. Each product is in limited supply and the earlier you place the order, the earlier you may get it. Please remember that each registered member can only get one free product every week. Meanwhile, please carefully fill in your shipping address, we will deliver the product smoothly within about 7—14 business days after you finish placing the order. 

❤ What about the freebies?
Select clothes and accessories from DailyShop.com. 20 pcs limited everyday.  

❤ Is it real free?
Yes!! It is free! No payment required! And worldwide free shipping!

❤ How to grab these freebies?
The freebies will be available to grab at 7:00 GMT / 3:00 EST everyday.(1.30AM india time) At DailyShop home page or daily free page. The grey ‘grab it now’ button will turn to red one. At this moment, be the first to submit your order to us! Learn more from the following screenshots:
Grabbing hasn’t started yet. Freebie’s coming soon.  

Grabbing started. Button is clickable and you are able to submit your order 
Today’s Offer is over. You are unable to grab, so look forward to the next day’s freebie.

❤ What’s the rule ?
1.       Each customer can only order one freebie per week. Shared computer will not be able to participate, too.
2.       Submitting order will require dailyshop account registration. To help submit your freebie order faster, we suggest you register first before grabbing starts.  
3.       grabbing process:
(1)    Grab it now
(2)    Dailyfree page
(3)    Product page
(4)    Cart
(5)    Checkout
(6)    Done!

4.       After the grabbing started. If you seeing the price or the page remain the same, please clear your browser cache and check again. We recommend you clear the cache before grabbing starts in order to ensure view the latest information page.

So, if you have any other enquiries you may leave us a comment on the page or start a discussion topic to discuss with other members. Wish you all good luck!!

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