21 September 2011

Create Silk Affair and win a trip to Paris (Contest by Cadbury)

Everytime i bring to you some new and amazing contests. But this time its something different.

It is a contest started by Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates in which you have to upload a video of you wooig you rich, creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk.
And then they will select two best entries and give them a trip to PARIS.

Here is what you need to do :
1) Seat yourself in front of your webcam, gently open the SILK wrapper and take in the aroma
2) Feel the romance, the smoothness and creaminess of SILK humming the jingle in your head,
"Kiss me...close your eyes...miss me....close your eyes!
3) Don't get too carried away just yet :)
4) Make sure you're in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere; think about nothing except your SILK proposal
5) Now look into the camera and Woo your SILK in the most unique way. It could be a song, a jingle, a dance, a poem or shayari; something original or 1 of your favorite tunes
6) If your video gets the most number of votes, get ready for a dream trip to Paris!
7) Go ahead, feel the love & create your SILK Affair now......

Remember: Paris is just a proposal away!

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