10 September 2011

Free sample of Listerine Mouthwash!!!


You can register here to get a free sample of LISTERINE® 85ml COOLMINT.
Cool Mint
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User reviews  :
The invigorating impact of Listerine is an essential part of the mouthwash experience for many users. But for some they would prefer something a little milder on the taste buds.

The liquid comes in a plastic bottle and we can clearly see the light green colour liquid in it. It has a black lid and the lid can be used to fill ...
...time. I use half lid Listerine each time as soon as I brush my teeth and the results are impressive. I have cleaner teeth, Plaque seems to be reduced and my gums are stronger than before. I have a fresh breath for a long period of time. For good results this mouth wash should be used regularly after brushing teeth and should be rinsed in the mouth for at least 30 seconds. This product is not suitable for children under 12 years and should be kept

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