25 September 2011

Get free painting guide from nerolac

You now a day must be seeing an ad on TV about healthy painting from nerolac                                                     Take a look at video below

Now it has become a fashion between companies from allover the world to give their products for free in facebook
Why these compaines are giving their products for free? Are they Mad ? Or These compaines have lost their minds?
You must be thinking that if that they give their product for free then how they are going to earn big fat money

The Answer is so simply Is that they are giving their product for free because in facebook there are about 700+ active million users 
And to reach the peoples thinking and review about  their is no place such as facebook
They just give limited products for free to the people 
And in return they want people to like their pages or complete a few survey or suggestions about their products
In these way they get to interact with people opinions and thinking and demerits about their products

And people get there reward as free samples from the company

So not going into deep Lets tell you what to do to get free  Healthy Homes Paint Guide from NEROLAC

So boys N gals What are you waiting for grab your free painting guide from nerolac

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