15 September 2011

Save more with open2save.com !!!!

open2save was started with the vision to help consumers save money, every time they buy.

They now list the offers and coupons from all kinds of places - chain or a stand alone store, an online store, a big brand outlet, one on high street or a small one in your area. open2save lists useful coupons from any one offering a deal out there.

Their ideal world has all their members using coupons before any purchase anywhere - be it a pizza you order, or a restaurant you eat in or a TV you buy or books you order online. Well anything you buy !!

Money saved is money earned. But it can't as hard as earning it !! So, just "open" open2save.com before you open your wallet !!

Thats why we call it "Saving Simplified".

Enjoy !! 

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