11 September 2011

Winners of RealIndianFreebies Promotional Giveway !!!!

As said, i will declare the winners on 11th September. So without being late, i am declaring the winners of the promotional giveaway.

Many users took part in this promotional giveaway but very few did it the correct way. I had written that the 4th step is compulsory but still people didn't took it into consideration. So out of all those, there are only 2 people who followed the 4th step in the right manner. So they are the clear winners of this giveaway.

Winners are :-
  1. Vaibhav Srivastava   -      Domain given (www.techvibhu.com)
  2. Gaurav                     -      Domain given (www.trickzilla.com)

Congratulations both of you. You are the clear winners of this contest.

You have been sent a mail regarding your domain info, reply to it ASAP.

Today i am declaring that this type of contest will be held each month on my site. So would like to see more and more people taking part in them.

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