28 October 2011

20North.com : Rs.500 Gift Coupon

About 20North.com
Founded with the vision of allowing online Indian consumers to buy anything in the world and have it delivered anywhere in India, 20North.com is well on its way to becoming India's leading online shopping portal. We believe that Indian consumers have interests, passions and pursuits that cannot be fulfilled by the hum-drum mainstream of Indian retail and fulfilling these needs is our raison d'etre. Whether you have a fascination for electronics, or a passion for sports and the outdoors, or an eclectic taste in music, books and movies, or a hankering for the latest fashions, we have what you are looking for - guaranteed! There really is no limit. Gadgets, tools, home accessories, shoes, sunglasses, watches and thousands of other products are now just a mouse-click away.

About Coupon
This coupon has been released because of the very important and widely celebrated Indian festival : Diwali .

Conditions : Rs.500-OFF on any purchase above Rs.2500. This offer is valid only till Monday October 31, 2011.

Happy shopping!
And Happy Discounting!  :p

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