15 October 2011

Free Past, Present and Future Grace CD

About CD:-
Titus 2:11-14
The grace of God, past, present, and future is the believer's blessed hope. The grace of God has appeared in the person and work of Jesus Christ. That grace in the past provided salvation of sinners who will come to God by faith alone, in Christ alone. The grace of God for the present, "now age" teaches and enables saved sinners to live consistent with their new character. Being so taught the believer lives a life of worship and obedience anticipating the future grace of God to reappear in the person of Jesus Christ. When He does, He
will complete the transformation of believer's lives into perfect conformity with His character. The world may be falling apart but our great God and Savior is coming again. With that great hope we, who have been saved by the grace of His first appearing, endure, persevere, and rejoice, as we await His glorious return

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