24 October 2011

Freebie : Free S Diaper from MamyPoko Pants

MamyPoko Pants is a Pant Style Diaper brand from Unicharm. A multi-national company with 30 years of experience in baby and child care, that ensures absolute protection and comfort during your baby's diaper days so that he/ she can grow up happy and healthy

MamyPoko Pants (Pany Style Diapers in all sizes form S to XXL)
MamyPoko Baby Wipes (packs of 20 & 80 sheets)

Now they offering free S size dipers only for Indian at india facebook page

How to get:-

  1. Visit facebook page here & Like the page.
  2. Go to Free size diaper tab (if not there).
  3. Fill up all details & click submit.
Enjoy more such freebies.

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