20 October 2011

Get free Tinkle Magazines And Stickers

What is Tinkle ?
We are a unique 'start-up' that has acquired some of India's most-loved brands including Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle Magazine; well-known proprietary characters like Suppandi and a world-class animation and gaming studio. We are developing a portfolio of products that use innovative technology and India-centric content. We are also expanding our reach by strengthening distribution in India and key foreign markets, launching online services, and partnering with TV, Film and other mass media.

How To Get free Tinkle Goodies

  • Suppandi Poster : 5000 points
  • Tinkle Labels : 7500 points
  • Tinkle Magazine 1 issue: 10000 points
  • Brainwave Magazine : 10000
  • Narasuddin Hodja : 20000 points
  • Suppandi 48 Magazine : 15000 points
  • 1year Tinkle Subscription: 40000 points
  • Kalia book: 20000points
  • Shambu book:20000 points.
For complete list of gifts visit http://www.tinkleonline.com/bazaar/main_bazaar.php
Tip: Play the Agent Stealth game, as you can earn 150 points per level .

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