11 October 2011

Norman Security Suite 9 Free 1 Year Serial

Norman Security Suite protects users from online threats, whether they are banking, chatting, emailing, playing games or just surfing the net. Its powerful antivirus and antispyware protection automatically blocks and removes unwanted programs such as viruses, worms, trojans and other varieties of destructive program code. Like other security suites, Norman features a firewall, anti-spam, parental control, web protection (anti-phishing) and, proactive protection with sandbox that blocks known and unknown threats based on their behavior.

Norman Security Suite Settings
Features Highlight:
  • Simplified user interface and license management experience
  • Better performance through low memory usage and CPU
  • Faster, more efficient malware detection and proactive security
  • A fast scanning, industry-leading malware cleaner
  • Clean up of existing malware – reverse action!
  • Expanded browser support, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera
  • Top customer service
How to grab free 1 year subscription of Norman Security Suite:
  • Visit the promotion page, enter the required details in the mandatory fields [written in bold] and use this OEM code: PCP-NSS12-DE
    Norman Promotional Page
  • Instantly, you will receive an email from info@mail.norman.no with your free license key.Norman Security Suite Received License Screen
  • Download Norman Security 9 using the following links:
  • Activate using the free license key received from the promo.

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