01 October 2011

Yebhi.com : Some useful coupons

There are very few players in the Indian e-commerce space that have taken a bottom up approach in growing their inventory and business. Yebhi is amongst those which have been quite a success in doing so. its one of those few startups in the touch-and-feel product space that has managed to gain traction. Started by Danish Ahmed, a Kanpur based shoe traders/Manufacturer’s son, after an experiment of selling blocked inventory over Rediff and Ebay, in 2007.

The team at yebhi brings years of experience in very large scale operations of retail, logistics and technology. That enables us to act much better, faster and with a lot less mistakes than our competition and i think in that long run, that would become a significant differentiators. Moving from footwear to clothing and other lifestyle categories, is a natural extension of our strength in sourcing as well as customer segmentation. The niche however is not the category we are selling, it is the experience we are delivering.

So, here some useful coupons for yebhi users.

Use code PC1618783J2A to get flat 40% off on all perfumes & sunglasses on a purchase of Rs.3000.
Use code PC1618768GKA to get additonal 50 % off on all PUMA products above Rs 2000.

Enjoy your shopping at yebhi.

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