15 October 2011

Tipard All Music Converter 6 Free Download

Tipard music converter specializes in audio conversion, the easy to use program is designed to convert any video, or audio media to most commonly used audio formats. The program can be used to extract audio from video, extract only a particular section of audio from a video, and split, merge and convert audio for portable devices. Popular output formats supported by this program include AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, WAV, MP3, WMA and more.

Key Features:
  • Convert audios among the popular audio formats
  • Convert video to picture (video screenshot)
  • Merge several chapters into one file after conversion
  • Set output parameters
  • Convert one file to different output formats
  • Edition available for both Mac and Windows
Download Tip All Music Converter for PC or Mac using the following links:
Note: The registration code is included inside the zip archive in a file named “readme.txt”. The promo is valid till October, 21 2011.

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