24 November 2011

Free Top Level Domain Names Provided By Hyperwebenable.com [24-11-2011]

Getting a top level domain is a dream of every blogger out there. But very few people spend money in getting a domain and hosting. Rest everyone searches over the google to get a free domain. But not even 1% of them succeed in their research.
Some people use these free services which look like a TLD but are not so :-
  • Co.cc
  • tk
  • co.nr
  • cc
And there is a big list of these kinda domains.
But will you believe, there are hundreds of free domain name(400+) provided by Hyperwebenable with free hosting. :)
What is Hyperwebenable?
HyperWebEnable is a web company offering reliable web services and online advertising based on the foundation of robust web techniques. Technological expertise in the areas of html, php, enables us to provide a solid presence on the web for our clients and very efficient means for online advertising. HyperWebEnable offers state-of-the-art development enabling e-commerce, enabling web presence or enhancing your existing web presence, and expanding the reach to end-customers.

What all Hyperwebenable offers?
Visit this site.
1. Free website of your choice (yoursitename.com) for life time.
2. Unlimited webspace to host your website.
3. Unlimited bandwidth.
4. Get Free Android app for your website.
5. Unlimited emails (info@yoursitename.com,contact@yoursitename.com).
6. Scripts of your choice(Blog,CMS,Forum ..).
7. Technical support by email for your website.
8. Tips & tricks to improve your page rank and traffic.
9. Free renewal of your domain.
10. No hidden fee or payments.
11. Ads on your Blog.

Why to use Hyperwebenable?
1. Get a Free website, get yoursitename.com instead of yoursitename.freeblogsite.com.
2. Build a full fledged content site and unleash the power of your site.
3. Get various addon scripts to your blog.
4. Get Free Android app for your website.
5. Take full control of your blog and customize per your needs.
6. Monetize, make money with your website.
How to get a Free Domain From Them?
  1. Click  here to visit the form page to get your domain.
  2. Fill the form carefully and check every box 2 times.
  3. Wait for an email from them which you will get within a week if you have got your domain.
Trick to get a domain for sure :-
  • Make sure that all the information filled is correct.
  • Be formal.
  • Do sure to write your previous works and give your blogs address so that they can see your work and give you a domain.
  • Don’t abuse.
If you follow all the steps carefully, then you will get one domain name and everything required from them!
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