01 November 2011

Indiarush : Rs.500 extra off on already discounted bean bags.

About Indiarush
Story of a kid, wandering in crowded markets just to find a beautiful, unique and special gift for her parent’s 25th anniversary. She went to every market, drenched in sweat, baked in heat but found nothing unique. The tiring day was ending when she thought of Googling for some options. And suddenly her eyes were enlightened. She found something just as pretty and unique as she thought. She found an antique piece for her parent’s anniversary. She found it on India Rush………” No more Rush in India, you’ve got India Rush, just for you”. You don’t need to be that kid. You can be a cool, lazy kid and buy all unique items in JUST one click. And we are not here to “JUST SELL”. We are here to DECORATE your home. We are here to SOLVE your problem of going to crowded markets. We are here for your CONVENIENCE. We are here for “YOU”. Your choice… Wander in rush or become a part of India Rush.

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  1. is there any warranty for fabric??

  2. @Amit : You have to read terms and conditions there to see about the warranty of products!


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