30 November 2011

Send Unlimited Free SMS to Anyone, Anytime In India - SMSFi

In India, Sending SMS wasn't much costly. But recently, many companies have increased the rates of SMS packages which most of us use. And also people are very confused because TRAI  has limited the maximum number of SMS sending to 200/day.

But now, you guys need not to worry. Because of  the awesome service provided by SMSFi.com.

We can send free sms from this site – really easily. Smsfi is mainly used for sendingfree SMS across the country but to keep you hanged there, they have given features which are mentioned below:
  • We can play games.
  • Participate in contests and win points.
  • Send SMS across India.
  • Send greeting cards.
  • Read astrology news.
  • Buy items.
  • Read cricket news.
  • Check the job advertisements.
  • Send SMS’s from foreign countries to India.
  • Play games online, cool isn’t it?
  • Much more!

To avail all these services, you have to register on SMSFi.com and you can send free sms to anyone in India. While registering you need to fill Full name, email address and phone number. Hold on you’ll not get any confirmation message from SMSFi due to TRAIL new rules. You need to call 1800-102-7678 for confirming your mobile number. Don’t worry you’ll not charge for this call and call will disconnect after 2 rings.

Once you register, users can send up to 100 free SMS a day. SMSfi.com also offering multiple receipt, it means you can send messages to multiple users at a time which was not possible in fullonsms. Users can check sent messages, add contacts, choose from pre-loaded greetings SMS’s.

Enjoy this great service.

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  3. I am looking for a reliable connection for International calling which offers Unlimited Call to India from canada without any hidden fees or connection charges. Can anyone suggest me something?


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