31 December 2011

Free Rs.100 Recharge From Airtel [New Year Dhamaka]

This post is only for Airtel Users.

Airtel has launched a new Reward Program to reward its Dear Customers.
Reward Program
This is a new program launched by airtel for its. In this program you will get a fabulous shopping offer every time you recharge your pre-paid airtel mobile with Rs 100 or more. This offer will enable you to get a discount of    Rs 100 or more at various shopping outlets and across different categories like movies, restaurants etc.
Read more about program :  Click here

How to get free recharge of Rs.100 :-
According to what i have seen and experienced, this reward program isn't working correctly.
People are getting free recharge of Rs.100 instead of getting Shopping Coupons.
Follow these steps below and get yourself a free recharge :-
  1. First thing is activate 3G by sending ACT 3G TO 121
  2. Next dial *566*6# from your Airtel number.
  3. If you get message as " you will get a coupon if you have recharged with 100rs or more, within 48 hours", then you will get 100rs in your account.
  4. Now you will be successfully recharged with Rs.100 on your cell.
  5. Enjoy free recharge.

Try this trick, as its working.

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