01 January 2012

Free 100 Bucks on ShopClues and Use them to buy free Items

About ShopClues :
They are brand new Market Place for Indian People. This is what they say about themselves :
"We believe in constantly improving the online shopping experience for you – our customers!! During the beta phase, our aim is to proactively monitor each aspect of our business closely and optimize and improve the experience for all our members. Beta phase also allow us to keep the total membership within a range and build scale before opening our doors to a larger base of members. And finally, beta allows us to constantly seek customer feedback and suggestions and incorporate them into ShopClues to ascertain that you have the best possible shopping experience."

Whats the Offer?
As they are brand new. And every new site does something big for running it and making it successful.
Similarly, They are also running an offer in which they are offering FREE 100 SHOEBUCKS to new registrations.

How to get it?
This is how you can too get your 100 bucks free.
  • Register on ShopClues By Clicking Here ONLY
  • Complete the form and continue.
  • Within 24 hours, you will get 100 bucks in your account.

What all you can buy for free?
The below is the list of some items which i have searched for you guyz and you can get these free of cost. :

The above mentioned keychains.   Click here to buy them.

Happily Unmarried - Legends MagnetHappily Unmarried - Saadi Dilli MagnetHappily Unmarried - Dilli Magnet: India Gate

The above mentioned Home Decors.  Click here to buy them

Enjoy the freebie. And do share below what you get!

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