27 February 2012

Free Acuve Contact Lens Trial pack

How to get:-
Step 1. Fill details to get coupon on mobile or at email https://asia.acuvue.com/ap/forms/in/av/etrial/site/acuvueform.aspx?product=Moist
Step 2. Choose which vision correction device do you use
Step 3. Locate City & Store where would you like to redeem your trial lenses

You will get your coupon at email or sms just visit store with coupon and get your free trial pack
This is only for one day trial pack.

To get weekly trial pack https://asia.acuvue.com/ap/forms/in/av/etrial/site/acuvueform.aspx?product=AV2
To get Monthly trial pack https://asia.acuvue.com/ap/forms/in/av/etrial/site/acuvueform.aspx?product=AVC

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