04 February 2012

[Updated] Free Deal Only For RealIndianFreebies Readers : Free Pepsi & Popcorn @ Funcinemas

Few days back we wrote about a deal sponsored by Dealsandyou : "Pay Rs 5 & Get a Pepsi (300 ml) + Popcorn (30 gms) Absolutely Free for Every Ticket Purchased at www.funcinemas.com"

Today, we are back with this deal. But the change is, you dont have to pay Rs.5. Instead, you just tell us and we will buy on your behalf!

About this deal :-

Pay Rs 5 & Get a Pepsi (300 ml) + Popcorn (30 gms) Absolutely Free for Every Ticket Purchased at www.funcinemas.com.  By purchase of One Voucher You Can Buy Maximum 10 Tickets & Grab 10 Pepsi’s & 10 Popcorn’s. And the best thing is that the online service fees is also not there. Its waived off due to this special deal.

How to get it absolutely Free :-
Let me clarify it first, we wont use your info in any way nor we will submit it to anyone. We will just buy it for you so that you could get it on your email and i dont have to take out vouchers from my account and mail everyone separately. If you still dont trust us, then dont take participate in this giveaway. If you trust us, then continue to read below.

  • Click here to go to Dealsandyou registration page and register there.
  • Verify your mobile number only.
  • Then mail us your email you used on dealsandyou and your phone number to : realindianfreebies@gmail.com.
  • Fill the Subject field : "Free Deal : RealIndianFreebies ".
  • Then wait for a reply from us.

Note :   Be confirmed that we wont use your a/c in any may, as you only have the password. We cant login and check your a/c. So trust us and move forward. 
This is a giveaway, and everyone is not entitles to win. We will publish the winners name on our site as soon as we complete the voucher purchases! 

Note : Everyone is entitled to win. If you want to make sure you win, then like our facebook page and comment about your entry on our facebook page. Because we may get flood of unreal requests which we may not able to complete. And if you cant comment on facebook, then comment on this page below with your name. Thank you.

Please dont send email if you wont be able to use the voucher, as it would waste so much time!

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  1. My entry!

    Name : nikhil kumar.



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