03 February 2012

Play Pizza Hut Game : Top It Up and win assured vouchers + Chance to win Ipad

I dont think anyone living in India doesn't know about Pizza Hut. If its so, then please, this post is not for you. :)

Pizza Hut is celebrating its 15 year anniversary in India.
So, Pizza Hut has just launched a simple game whereby they are giving assured vouchers to everyone who plays their game and also you will have a chance to win IPad. 

How to play and win :-
  • Click here to visit their facebook page.
  • Go to "Top it up" tab if you aren't there.
  • Click Enter the Game.
  • Select Correct Toppings on Pizza.
  • Once you complete level one, you will get an option to download your pizza hot voucher from there site.

Enjoy the game!!

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