12 February 2012

Seventymm.com : 20% Discount Coupon for ICICI Customers Only

About Seventymm.com :-
India's first and largest organised movie rental service. They are India's largest movie rental service and they believe that the real magic of movies is in their power to get people together. Which is why they bring die-hard movie-lovers closer to over 20,000 original movies in 14 languages and from every genre. How? By offering free delivery and pick-up, not charging any late fee as well as with constant customer care, technical support and plenty of rewards.

Discount Coupon Code :-
The Above Image specifies everything. But still, here is are the specifications :-

This promo Code will fetch you 20% discount if you are an ICICI customer. The maximum discount being Rs.750.
This Promo Code is valid till 30 June, 2012.

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