16 February 2012

Vakaro.com : 40% off on any purchase [No minimum purchase required]

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About Vakaro :-
At Vakaro you can find beautifully crafted hand-painted leather bags. Every woman has a hidden ‘fashionista’ in them which pops out the instant we lock our eyes on something enticing. And it’s an overwhelming chase to find just about everything right to match our right wardrobe. While a perfect silhouette can make us look like a million bucks, an accessory on the other hand can simply enhance our wardrobe a notch higher. When we talk about accessories, a handbag is something that we certainly cannot ignore. A ‘bag’ has the power to make or break our style statement. So, while you’re wondering what to buy this weekend we bring you a range of exclusive hand painted leather bags which will uplift your mood by instantly adding a splash of colour.

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