14 February 2012

Yebhi.com : Rs.49 Off on Rs.50 coupon code

*This coupon has been shared by our reader Gaurav Ahuja. Thank you very much Gaurav.*Yebhi

Yebhi.com is one of the biggest and our favorite online portal to do online shopping at cheap prices.
So here is another example from yebhi that they provide cheap products!

There have just been awarded as the Best Online Retail Brand in India at the 5th Customer & Brand Loyalty awards
Online Retail Brand
Loyality Award

And hence, as a token of our goodwill, they are awarding there customers to get Rs.49 off on a purchase of Rs.50.

Click here to go to Yebhi.com
Coupon Code :- PC2141993M5Q
This coupon code has no other restrictions.

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