13 March 2012

Buy 1 Clear Safety SunGlass and Night Drive Sunglasses for Just Rs.140

About SunglassesIndia.com :-
SunglassesIndia.com is one of India’s largest online wholesale and retail stores dealing in an impressive range of original sunglasses. They feature brands like Star Vue, Safe Vue, Polarvue Sunglasses, Estivo, Fast Track, Oakley, Ray Ban,Vogue & Polaroid. The eyewear range on the portal is sortable according to the various categories – aviators, designer, driving, night-driving, and polarized, prescription, safety and sports – and also by brands. 

How to Buy these 2 SunGlasses for just Rs.140 :-
  1. Click here to go to deal page and Pay Rs.50 to Get Rs.500 off coupon on Sunglasses.
  2. Now add these two products to your cart : Product 1     Product 2
  3. Your Cart total will be now Rs.590.
  4. Apply the coupon you got in Step 1
  5. Now your cart total will be just Rs.90
  6. Total you paid = Rs.50 + Rs.90 = Rs.140
  7. Enjoy the deal.

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  1. Nice one sure i ll go for it, Thanks for the link.


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