26 March 2012

Jeetle.in Special : Free Bid Points Promo Code

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Jeetle.in is a very popular website in bidding and winning world. In India, people always think of getting to win from these sites. But for bidding, we need to buy bid points. And for bid points, we need to pay. Which most of us doesn't like.(Like me).

So what if you could get these bid points for free?
Yes, you can get them for free. These 300 points promo code is launched nearly every month by jeetle to make their customers participate more active.

Follow the below steps to get free 300 bid points :
  1. Click here to register at Jeetle.in.
  2. Activate your jeetle account by confirming mobile and email id.
  3. Go to promotional code tab.
  4. Apply  "BT0PJ" promo code
  5. You will get 300 bid points in your account!
Enjoy these free bidding points and wait for next months code!


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry Mrinal, But the promo code has expired.....
      It was only for that specific day..

      Next tym, be fast.. :)


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