09 January 2012

McValue Meal: Burger + Fries + Coke @ Rs.55 (12pm to 3pm)

About McDonalds:-
The leading global foodservice retailer with a network of over 160 restaurants across India. Celebrating over 12 years of serving fresh & high quality food products at a great value to around 2.75 lakh customers everyday!

McValue Deal
McD has launched a special Super Lunch Deal : McValue.
It allows a person to get a Burger + Fires+ Coke @ just Rs.55. It can be availed only between 12pm - 3pm.

Valid in :- Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai And Hyderabad.

You can avail this deal without showing any voucher or coupon code. Its valid for all on the specified timings.

Enjoy the Super Lunch Super Deals!!

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